Why Writers Write

We write because we are curious beings. Humans, animals, and plants, we are essentially the same, breathing life and experiencing death. The unreachable galaxies that mankind has tried and failed to visit, do they have humans, animals, and plants as well?

We write because we are skeptics seeking truth. The man or woman garbed in tattered clothing, pleading for money by the roadside… Are they truly destitute? Or simply pretending to be in need? The person who says they have no secrets… How can that be? We all have embarrassing tales we’d rather not tell. Continue Reading

Behavioral Change - General

Does Success Change People For the Worse?

shutterstock_107222486-1024x9471Success: you have dreamt it so many times. Now that it’s here, you feel like a brand new person. But is this “new” person better or worse? Through success, a person may exhibit a down-to-earth personality. Or they might become egotistic. When someone starts behaving strangely after acquiring wealth, fame, or opportunities, did success change them? Or was the douche there all along? Continue Reading

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Words: How They Scar and How They Heal

With the ability to speak comes great responsibility, because words can significantly change the lives of others. Depending on how we use them, they can devastate or uplift.

How They Scar verbal-abuse

Words can ruin self-esteem. Though the phrase “action speaks louder than words” is true in many situations, words can have the same impact as deeds. We don’t always have to physically do something to annihilate someone’s self-worth. Sometimes all we need are the “right” words. For instance, constantly telling someone that they will never amount to anything can cause them to start believing this.

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