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I write blog articles, marketing copy, and educational content for HR organizations, payroll providers, CPA firms, and employers of all sizes.

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Content Focus

Talent Acquisition

Securing the right fit for the job is an employer’s top priority. 

Employee Benefits

A competitive benefits strategy is key to attracting and retaining sought-after talent. 

Talent Management

Employees need to be motivated in order to do their best work and remain loyal to the company.

HR Compliance

Businesses must follow the employment laws set by the federal, state and local governments.


An advanced human resource management system (HRMS) fuels efficiency and productivity. 

Strategic Planning

No longer viewed as just a transactional function, HR has evolved into a strategic business partner. 

Leadership Development

Great leadership is vital to sustaining profitability and guiding the business through change. 

Health & Safety

Employers must mitigate health and safety risks to avoid consequences to the bottom line.

Workplace Culture

The values, beliefs and practices of your business represent your workplace culture. They are the sum of all things that make your company unique.  

Wage & Hour

Employers must adhere to federal, state and local rules when compensating employees. 

Employment Taxes

Far-reaching and complex, employment tax laws occur on a federal, state and local level.

Payroll Accounting

Your payroll expenses must be recorded in the appropriate general ledger accounts. 

Applying 10 years of experience in HR & payroll administration to deliver relevant, engaging content.


  • Being content full is a challenge for most SMBs. We made a great decision to focus on lead generation and outsource content writing to Grace Ferguson. I highly recommend partnering with Grace to complement your content needs.
    - Shannon Burkel, VP of Sales & Marketing, Axios HR
  • We are constantly needing Grace’s input for blog writing and posts to our social sites. We value her input as we explain more and more of our social strategy to her. She’s an integral part of what we do.
    - Kelly Dean, Marketing Director, SDA CPA Group

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