Specializing in Employment & Finance

I write blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and instructional content on topics relating to employment and finance.

Content Focus

Talent Acquisition

Attracting, screening, interviewing and hiring the right fit; applicant tracking; developing the talent pool; onboarding

Talent Management

Engagement and retention; training and development; learning management systems; mobile workforce

Employee Benefits

Cafeteria health plans; retirement benefits; life and disability insurance; FMLA; COBRA; PTO; fringe benefits

Employee Relations

Relationship management; grievance and appeals; code of conduct; dress code; work-life balance; union issues


Cloud-based or on-premise systems for workforce administration, payroll, benefits, and HR/payroll reporting


Adhering to employment and financial regulations, including those relating to hiring, compensation, and termination


Leadership theories and styles; C-suite; strategic planning; change management; leadership development

Health & Safety

Federal and state health standards; workers’ compensation; workplace violence; drug testing

Workplace Culture

The role of HR in workplace culture; diversity and inclusion; developing a positive workplace culture

Risk Management

Risk identification, assessment, control, implementation, supervision and evaluation

Wage & Hour

Minimum wage; overtime; recordkeeping; child labor; employee classification; labor and paycheck laws

Employment Taxes

Federal, state and local withholding; employer taxes, including FUTA & SUTA; payroll tax deposits and filing

Payroll Accounting

Payroll reconciliation; payroll accrual; recording payroll entries in the appropriate general ledger accounts

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing; aging of accounts receivable; bill collection; bank deposits; accounts receivable reconciliation

Accounts Payable

Short-term debts (utility bills, short-term bank loans, business income taxes, payroll expenses, etc.)

Accounting Systems

Manual accounting; spreadsheet-based accounting; customized desktop system; cloud-based accounting

(Business) Success Drivers

Competitive advantage; profitability; innovation; agility; productivity; value proposition; process improvement


Feasibility of outsourcing employment and financial responsibilities; co-employment options and agreements

Career & Work Life

Work-related tips (job hunting, interviewing, work productivity, professional development, etc.)

Personal Finance

Paycheck deductions; tax preparation and filing; retirement options and planning; paycheck analysis; budgeting

I Have Worked With B2B and B2C Companies of All Sizes, Including...

  • Being content full is a challenge for most SMBs. We made a great decision to focus on lead generation and outsource content writing to Grace Ferguson. I highly recommend partnering with Grace to complement your content needs.
    - Shannon Burkel, VP of Sales & Marketing, Axios HR
  • We are constantly needing Grace’s help with blog writing, marketing copy, and posts to our social sites. We value her input as we explain our content strategy to her. She’s an integral part of what we do.
    - Kelly Dean, Marketing Director, SDA CPA Group

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