Below is a non-exhaustive list of my services, which are available to any company with an HR/payroll/accounting department or any business that provides thought leadership on HR, payroll and accounting. This includes employers of all sizes, HR solutions firms, payroll providers, HR technology vendors, professional employer organizations (PEOs), CPA firms, and online outlets that offer career and work-related advice.


Blog Posts

There is a misconception that blog posts pertaining to payroll/accounting are destined to be deemed “dry” and “boring.” In reality, a skilled writer can transform a seemingly mundane payroll/accounting topic into an absorbing, shareable read.


Articles appear in many places. Besides materializing on websites and blogs, they can be found in print magazines and trade publications. A flexible writer, I create short- and long-form articles for both online and print audiences. 

Research Reports

Research can be done via websites, databases and print sources, all of which I am familiar with. I can uncover the facts relevant to your research project and present them in a logical, easily understandable manner.  

Web Copy

Does your website have a high conversion rate? If not, the issue probably lies in the copy, which may not be resonating with your target audience. I can tweak your current website copy or write the pages from scratch, with the goal of increasing visitor engagement.

White Papers

A white paper allows you to subtly (rather than blatantly) sell your products or services. Since it is both a marketing and technical document, it needs a versatile writer—one proficient in both types of writing. My background in business, academic and creative writing makes me the right fit.  


A 2016 study by Pew Research Center found that “print books remain much more popular than books in digital formats.” But, that is slowly changing. A different survey by Pew Research Center noted that the number of Americans who read e-books is rising as device ownership increases. There is a clear market for e-books, and I can help you reach them.

Case Studies

Case studies let you demonstrate how specific products/services have successfully changed your customers’ lives. They are powerful marketing tools for attracting and instilling confidence (about your products/services) in prospective clients.

Product Reviews

Product reviewing requires not only sound knowledge of the product but also objectivity. My knowledge of HR, payroll and accounting coupled with my background in academic writing allow me to credibly and objectively review related products.

Guides & Manuals

Employers must communicate an array of information, including applicable employment laws and job-specific expectations, to new hires and existing employees. Employee guides and manuals are essential to achieving this objective. 


Webinars take place over the Internet (as opposed to in a traditional classroom setting), so it is vital that your presentation is not only informative but also engrossing. An effective webinar is educational yet interesting enough to capture participants’ attention throughout the session. While webinars are convenient and easily accessible, they often take considerable time to prepare—a competent writer can relieve you of this burden.

e-Learning Courses

By enabling on-demand training via any device, learning management systems (LMSs) are revolutionizing the corporate learning landscape. But, an LMS is only a vehicle for administering e-Learning, which means that content creation is up to you—or me, if you hire me to create courses and training materials for your LMS.


Newsletters keep stakeholders plugged in to what is happening in your company and industry. In addition, they keep everyone informed on key developments to look out for in the future. A great newsletter is not only informative but also entertaining to read.  

Recruiting Packets

According to ManpowerGroup’s 2016-2017 Talent Shortage Survey, “employers report the highest global talent shortage since 2007.” For this reason, employers must put their best foot forward when recruiting qualified candidates, as these individuals are highly sought after. I can generate competitive recruiting packets that show why your organization is the place to be.

Content Consultation & Strategy

Besides writing your content, I can help you maximize your content marketing efforts. For example, depending on your specific needs, I might advise you on best practices for increasing blog traffic and overall content readership plus brainstorm topic ideas for blog posts, print articles, e-Learning courses, and more.

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