A flexible writer, I’ve created articles in blog, website, print, and newsletter formats. Many of my clients have reaped a positive return on the long- and short-form articles I’ve delivered.  

Website Copy

Launching a new website? I can write the copy from scratch. If your current site isn’t converting traffic into leads, I can rework the copy, with the goal of increasing visitor engagement.

White Papers

A white paper allows you to educate and persuade your target audience about your products or services. Because it’s a technical and marketing document, it needs a versatile writer — one proficient in both types of writing.   

Guides & Manuals

Businesses must communicate an array of information to stakeholders, including employees at all levels of the organization. Informational guides and instructional manuals are critical to getting your message across. 


Research shows that print books remain more popular than digital books. However, studies also conclude that the number of Americans who read e-books is rising as device ownership increases. There’s a market for e-books — and I can help you reach it.

Case Studies

Case studies let you creatively demonstrate how specific products or services have successfully changed your customers’ lives. They’re powerful tools for developing buyer confidence in your company. 

Research Reports

Before making a major business decision, it’s important to research the issue and compile reports that detail your findings. A seasoned researcher, I can help you uncover the information you need to make sound business decisions. 

Product Reviews

Why should potential clients trust what you’re selling? This is the pivotal question surrounding product reviews. As your reviewer, I’ll enlighten prospective buyers about your products or services. 


Depending on the situation, you might give the writer a byline to the work, assume full credit, or request total confidentiality. I work on a byline, no-byline, and NDA basis — so if you seek ghostwriting services, look no further. 

Book Writing

Book writing involves the brainstorming of an idea, the honing of the idea, the researching of the topic, the crafting of an outline, the writing, the rewriting, and the seemingly endless polishing. It’s a huge endeavor I’d be glad to assist you with.   

Search Engine Optimization

The key to optimizing content for search engines is to insert the keywords your readers are using, without getting too hung up on SEO. This process requires a  writer who understands the delicate balance of keyword placement.

Content Consultation & Strategy

Besides writing your content, I can help you maximize your content marketing efforts. For instance, I may suggest creative concepts for blog articles and white papers plus keep you abreast of industry trends.