Blog Posts

Effective blog content reinforces your brand identity, establishes you as a thought leader in your field, and boosts your chances of obtaining more traffic and leads. As your blogger, I’ll aim for these results. 


When it comes to articles, many businesses are interested only in web-based material. But, depending on your goals, it may be easier to connect with your audience via print articles. A flexible writer, I’ve created articles for both online and print markets. 

Research Reports

Before making a major business decision, it’s important to research the situation and compile reports that detail your findings. Let me help you uncover the information you need to make sound business decisions. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews are instrumental to branding and marketing, as they allow you to describe what makes your product unique. As your reviewer, I’ll give prospective buyers a well-rounded view of your products. 

Website Copy

Magnetic website copy is vital to attracting leads and retaining clients. If your website isn’t landing you sufficient traffic or converting traffic into leads, I can tweak the copy or write the pages from scratch, with the goal of increasing engagement.

White Papers

A white paper enables you to subtly sell your products or services. Since it’s both a marketing and technical document, it needs a versatile writer—one proficient in both types of writing. With a background in business and creative writing, I’m skilled at merging the two to produce informative yet persuasive white papers.  

Case Studies

Case studies let you demonstrate how specific products or services have successfully changed your customers’ lives. They are powerful tools for instilling confidence about your products or services in prospective clients.

Guides & Manuals/Tutorials

Companies must communicate an array of information to stakeholders, including business clients and employees at all levels of the organization. Informational guides and instructional manuals are critical to getting your message across. 


Research shows that print books remain more popular than digital books. However, studies also show that the number of Americans who read e-books is rising as device ownership increases. There’s a market for e-books—and I can help you reach it.


Newsletters keep stakeholders plugged in to what’s happening in your company and industry. They also keep everyone informed on key developments to look out for in the future. A great newsletter isn’t only informative but also entertaining to read.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO content is best done when the primary intent is to produce compelling content. With that goal firmly in mind, a skillful writer will then incorporate the key terms into the content, with just the right amount of restraint. 

Book Writing

Book writing involves the brainstorming of an idea, the honing of the idea, the crafting of an outline, the research of the topic, the writing, the rewriting, and the seemingly endless polishing. You can relieve yourself of this stress by entrusting me with your book writing project.  


Depending on the type of writing or your business objectives, you might give the writer a byline to the work in question. Or, you may assume full credit for the work. I work on a byline and no-byline basis, so if you seek ghostwriting services, look no further. 

Content Consultation & Strategy

Besides writing your content, I can help you maximize your content marketing efforts. For example, I might suggest creative concepts for blog posts, white papers, and learning materials in order to improve your content readership and bottom line.