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I bring a high level of commitment to each project and look forward to making yours a success. Explore the FAQs below for answers to questions you might have. Then, complete the creative brief that matches your project, or contact me directly via email:

Frequently Asked Questions

I will start with a complimentary consultation to learn about your business and content objectives. This consultation can occur via email, phone, or Zoom — depending on the scope of your project and your communication preference. Additionally, you can expect the following from me:

  • A price quotation via email, based on the specifics of your project
  • Project updates (as needed)
  • Email responses within 24 hours
  • Delivery of the assignment by the deadline
  • Prompt turnaround on revision requests
  • My full commitment to your project
  • Invoicing per the agreement

I will follow any instructions you have regarding style, tone, and voice. Generally, I write according to the brand’s mission and in the manner that best connects with the target audience — whether they’re industry professionals, business owners, leaders/management, employees, or job seekers. 
My services are limited to charting content development paths and/or writing the content. I generally do not perform marketing services, such as promoting articles, finding publishers for story ideas, and calculating ROI. 
I understand the art of seamlessly blending SEO with content, and will do so if you give me the keywords or keyphrases. In addition, I can provide meta descriptions, title tags, and social media posts. However, if you require targeted SEO research, strategies, and tactics, I suggest working with an SEO expert. I will work with your SEO team to ensure proper content optimization.
For articles ranging from 600 to 1,000 words, I typically require a turnaround of 4-5 days. Other turnaround times vary by project, such as the format, length, and complexity.
I will need to consider the details of your project before giving you a price, as there are various factors that influence the cost. Among them are:

  • Project type
  • Content format
  • Word or page count
  • Amount of research
  • Whether expert interviews are needed
  • Whether I will receive a byline to the work
  • Whether I am permitted to use the work as a sample
  • Whether the work will be fully ghostwritten
  • Whether graphics or SEO attributes are requested
  • The level of creativity required
  • Frequency of work

I normally do not perform test work. In the event that I agree to do a test assignment, I will charge to complete it. To gauge my competency, you may visit my portfolio. If the sample you’re looking for is not in my portfolio, email me (grace@gracenferguson), and I will send it over if it’s available. Please note that I cannot provide samples of ghostwriting projects or work that involves confidential client information. 
So long as the requests are within the initial scope of work — such as in terms of topic, structure, and word count — I will promptly complete them at no extra cost. If the requests are outside the original scope of work, then the revision cost will be based on the amount of the work that needs to be done. 
Absolutely. I value long-term relationships with my clients. In fact, the vast majority of my clients have been with me for years.  

Fill out the creative brief that matches your project. I will respond promptly.


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